Owner.. Whyte & mackay.
Founded.. 1810.
Region.. Highlands ( Jura )
Capacity.. 2 200 000 litres.
Tel.. 01496 820240
Web.. http://www.isleofjura.com

visitor centre.



The Isle of Jura is nestled off the West Coast of Scotland. It’s only 60 miles as the crow flies from Glasgow but takes a wee while to get there. One road, one distillery, one pub, one shop and one community. It’s often been described as remote and even George Orwell went so far as to say it was ‘the most un-get-at-able place’, whilst he was writing 1984.

But we Diurachs believe anything is possible…

In 1963 we rebuilt a derelict distillery, on a remote island, beside a giant whirlpool, helped revive a community and launched a legend. Ever since we’ve been using our incredibly tall stills to create a uniquely crafted mix of whiskies that set us apart from all other distilleries. From sweet and mellow to rich and smoky, we’re sure to have a whisky that suits the most discerning full bodied fanatic or peat freak.

We feel we have a story to tell and we know there are millions of other stories out there just waiting to be told.


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