Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

This offering from Glenfiddich is iconic. It comes with its very own story of how it was born.
“In 2010, twice a winter’s worth of snow fell on our
warehouse roofs in just a few weeks. In the most
remote part of our Distillery, bearing the weight
of a herd of elephants, a few collapsed.

The bright winter sky poured in, and standing
amongst precious casks, our Malt Master was
inspired to mark this moment in history.”
And so snow pheonix was born.

Bottled at 47.6% and packaged in a fantastic tin box, this bottle is full of class.

Nose.. You can tell it has a good mix of ages, but still has a youthful side to it, lots of vanilla and that typical apple and pear scent you find in glenfiddichs. A lovely floral whiff with faint dried fruits and spices showing up.

Palate.. It does not let you down, lovely apple pie flavours, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, you even get a soft hint of smoke, spices and dried fruits fight their way through.

Finish.. It has a lovely balanced finish,

Thoughts.. This whisky has a big following, it had lots of hype thrown at it. Most people who managed to get some whished they had more, I’m lucky to have a few bottles left. This will be remembered as a classic Glenfiddich.



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