Glenfarclas 15 yo

This is one of those whiskys that just needs to be poured, savoured, and re poured, it’s that good.
Glenfarclas is situated in speyside region of Scotland and has a very good reputation. The whisky is matured in sherry casks, and is probably one of the best sherry matured whiskys out there. Glenfarclas is well known for a great core range sold at great prices, they don’t make too much fuss about packaging, it’s all about the whisky.
The 15yo is thought of by many as the best in the core range, ( barring the magnificent 40 yo ) it is bottled at a very respectable 46% and priced around the £45 mark.

Nose.. This is where the fun starts with this whisky. A lovely rich aroma arises from the glass, dried fruits galore, dates, raisins, a lovely soft whiff of smoke. You just don’t get tired of nosing whisky like this.

Palate.. Your just drawn in after nosing this whisky, you expect a lot, you get a lot. Your taste buds just explode, raisins, dates, dried oranges,spices. Then you get a lovely taste of liquorice, soft vanillas and Demerara sugar.its such a multi layered whisky, it’s gives you everything you expected and much much more.

Finish.. It dosent ! It just keeps coming, a full on sherried malt.

Thoughts.. If I had to sum up this whisky I’d say.. About perfect. I’m not sure what else will do it justice, it’s rawness is its strength. When you pour this dram, don’t rush it, let it take you on a journey, you could end up somewhere in the Middle East, a spice market perhaps, who knows. You have to give the folks at Glenfarclas a big pat on the back for this dram.

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