Auchentoshan Threewood.

A lovely offering from Auchentoshan. This could be said to be my everyday dram. It’s my every mood drink, my I just fancy something drink.. You get the point, I like it.
The threewood is made up by spending 10 years in American oak bourbon casks before spending a further year in Oloroso before a final year in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.. This is a lovely well rounded offering that came about by mistake, and by mistake I mean the first finish in oloroso casks was planned although the second finish initially was not supposed to be Px casks. This is bottled at 43%.

Nose.. A lovely typical scent of dates, figs, raisins and cherries along with candied oranges, toffee and black treacle. Dark chocolate notes and subtle coffee beans,

Palate.. A fantastically rich flavour, dark chocolate coats your tongue, dark fruits tickle the back of your throat, lovely spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger cover every inch of your mouth, candied oranges  and citrus notes just makes you feel like sipping more.

Finish.. I wouldn’t call it long but it’s very enjoyable, it just sets you up to start it all over again, pour, nose, drink, pour again..

Thoughts.. There is just something special about Auchentoshan threewood in my mind. This lowland whisky with its subtle flavours just seems to work well as a threesome.. I want more please.

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  1. iris says:

    thanks for the review


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