Glenlivet founders reserve

I had the chance to sample the new glenlivet founders reserve so here are my thoughts are..

Nose… Fruity and fresh, plums, apples, vanilla, a little over woody but it draws you in to take a sip, a little spicy note tries jump in but has little effect..

Taste .. creamy at first, sweet fruit sugars, oranges, lots of Apple, apple pie… Toffee apples and vanilla..

Finish… Quite a subtle and weak..

It’s a bold move if this is to replace the 12yo ( it is worlds apart )  but I can see where they are going with this, it a ok for an entry level dram, it is easy to drink, and won’t offend but it’s no head turner.  Looks like a bottle to put on the buying list if your just getting into whisky.. It won’t blow you away but it is worth trying.

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  1. Ollie Goodman says:

    Hi there, I have just recently tried this whisky and I thought it was fabulous, ok it is not as good as the old 12yo but it is better than a lot of people have made out.


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