Auchentoshan 1988 wine cask finish

Auchentoshan 1988 wine cask finish has spent 8 years in bourbon casks before ” finished ” in wine casks for 17, yes 17 years so hardly your normal finish, bottled at 47.6% …

To start with this is a lovely ruby red colour, you look at it and wonder if it isn’t a red wine..

Nose.. Where do I start, fruity so very very fruity, berries galore, grapes, a little zesty note, typical of toshans, a hint of spices, and a little touch of oaky vanilla, but it’s a fruity vanilla,

Taste… Apple and blackcurrent pie, winey but in a good way, some nice sweet notes come through, sticky toffee pudding with a little cinnamon note, it’s lovely and fresh..

Finish.. A lovely warm finish, leaves you all fuzzy inside..

I love the way this 1988 wine finish from Auchentoshan carries the sweetness so well without it being dickly, and with these wine finishes from Auchentoshan, it’s so easy to get lost in them, the old French farmhouse beckons again, fresh croissant baking in the oven, and the sun setting on the horizon, friends laughing and having fun, it’s all in this dram.. Take your time with it, dream and enjoy… I know I did…

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  1. P Wright says:

    Good write up, I love this whisky


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